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Poppy x Chantecaille

The Butterfly Effect is our nod to the idea that the seemingly small things we do can result in big changes.
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Behind the Collab

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we partnered with Chantecaille to bring you the Butterfly Effect floral design kit.

Sylvie and Olivia Chantecaille hand-selected the blooms for this limited-edition bouquet, which contains flowers favored by the mother-daughter team and butterflies alike. This romantic, stunning assortment evokes spring while calling awareness to the importance of pollinators.

Butterfly Effect

This gorgeous floral design kit brings you a variety of flowers that butterflies love, including the exclusively available Butterfly Ranunculus.
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Chantecaille is a female-founded, luxury beauty brand emphasizing a ‘less-is-more’ take on beauty through flowers and superior botanicals.
"When we first met the Chantecaille team it was obvious we had found meaningful friends in all things floral. Their knowledge and enthusiasm for flowers and the ways flowers sustain our environment inspired us to collaborate on this stunning kit that supports and raises awareness about the critical ways butterflies protect our fragile ecosystem.”
— Cameron Hardesty, Poppy Founder & CEO

Xerces Society

Butterflies support 85% of our natural flowering species and the farms that grow our food, and these delicate creatures have been declining at alarming rate.

Protecting them is a critical part of maintaining our planet’s ecosystems, which is why through this partnership, we’re working to support the Xerces Society and their pollinator conservation program.