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This Weekend's MVP

A special message from our founder and CEO, Cameron Hardesty

When my best friend introduced my husband and I, we first bonded over trying to create a newsletter about sports for people who barely liked sports, but needed to know the basics to get by (aka, me).

“The Snap” 🏈  never took off, but our love did. ❤️
Now, for the first time, we’re all working together again – the very same year that Valentine’s Day falls right after the biggest football game of the year.

So, it only felt right to resurrect The Snap one more time for Poppy’s most loyal customers: you!

Sponsored by Poppy’s MVP Valentine’s Day Bouquet, The Snap will make you sound like a pro, even if you have no idea what you’re talking about. (And it’s only a 2 minute read).

🌹 For the football fan in your life looking to return the favor, the limited edition MVP Valentine’s Day Bouquet is available for Saturday delivery so they don’t have to think about it during the big game.

Stems to nestle next to the queso on Sunday and next to the filet mignon on Monday. Because he’s definitely making you filet mignon.

The key facts:

  • The big game is on Sunday, February 13 (the day before Valentine’s Day) 
  • It’s happening in L.A.
  • It’s going down between the L.A. Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals 

What to know about the Rams:

  • The tale of the Rams is truly one of a classic Los Angeles glow-up. 
  • You know that one friend who finally left New York for L.A. and now drinks $12 green juice before AM pilates every day? And goes on, like, hikes? And has never looked better? 
  • That’s the Rams QB, Matt Stafford, after being traded like yesterday’s news from the Detroit Lions last year. 
  • The narrative arc for BOTH teams is this: a stellar QB/wide receiver combo
  • Odell Beckham Jr., who famously caught a football, is making his way back into our hearts and minds as the Rams’ wide receiver. 

Talking point for Sunday: 

“So glad to see Matt Stafford finally reaching his potential, the trade to L.A. is really working out for him. ”

What to know about the Bengals

  • The Bengals were like the Bad News Bears for years. Just not pulling it together, not posting Ws. 
  • They’ve never won, and the last time they were in the championship, Xennials were still playing with Barbies. 
  • But the story of the Bengals’s comeback is truly the tale of two besties. 
  • Their quarterback, Joe Burrow, gave major big man on campus energy back at LSU, winning the Heisman and the national championship, and entered the NFL as #1 draft pick. 
  • In the midst of a breakout rookie season last year, he tore his ACL and MCL, ending his season early.
  • So, in an adorable Babysitters Club moment, the Bengals went and drafted Joe’s college bestie, Ja’Marr Chase, to be his wide receiver.
  • Ever since, they’ve been tossing the old pigskin like absolute superstars and the results speak for themselves. In the Supie Bowl for the first time since ’88! 

Talking point for you: 

“Isn’t it crazy that the Bengals have been resurrected by two Tigers?”

If you’re looking to score the extra point, order The MVP Valentine’s Day Bouquet, a limited edition hand-tied bouquet full of red roses, pink godetia and greenery. Gorge for the coffee table during the big game, even better on the dinner table for Valentine’s Day. $65 for a limited time.

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