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How We Fulfill Your Poppy Order

Poppy’s signature style is lush and romantic, like you wandered into an enchanted garden and hand-gathered the prettiest stems you could find. It’s easygoing and organic with gentle movement. The thing about this effortless look is that it takes an extraordinary amount of effort. We’ve given a glimpse into how we execute from customer vision to final product, and now we want to share more about how we cull our catalog, customize our offerings, and guarantee the freshest flowers at your wedding. In short, this is how we fulfill your Poppy order.

Vetting for Poppy’s Designer Network

Poppy has a network of 438 floral designers, and that number is growing. There’s huge appeal to working for a female-founded company like Poppy. Poppy exists to empower creatives to be creative – and the other aspects of running a business, like marketing, accounting and providing customer service, are handled by Poppy’s in-house team. The one expectation for a Poppy floral designer is to execute a wedding day vision perfectly. This means that Poppy only accepts the best designers into its network. At Poppy, we always promise transparency. We’re open and honest about our flowers, supply chain and other business operations. Now, we want to tell you how we recruit and vet designers. This way, you’ll know exactly the caliber of the designer who’s responsible for your wedding flowers.

How Poppy Executes from Vision to Final Product

Shopping online for wedding flowers is a new experience. Poppy knew that modern couples would benefit from the simplicity and efficiency of this process, and that’s why we built our model. With most couples spending an average of $2,300 on their wedding flowers (that’s the average Poppy wedding customer, too), they want to be sure they’re getting a product that matches their vision. There’s the real-time factor of enjoying lush, beautiful blooms that enhance the magic of your special day. And, there’s the photo-op factor of ensuring that the flowers photograph well. A floral budget encompasses personals (flowers that you carry or wear) as well as ceremony and reception decor. It’s a lot to think about, especially if you’re not knowledgeable about flowers.

Vocational Training for…Floral Design?

Let’s start looking at floral design for what it is: expert work that requires dedication and a clear path. In our latest blog, Poppy CEO, Cameron walks us through different pathways a florist can take to get into the business, and how Poppy is the first company to create clear paths into the industry. Helping creatives find job opportunities isn’t just about empowering them to do what they love. It’s also part of Poppy’s business model.

Upcycling your wedding flowers

When you review your wedding budget, you’ll make peace with some expenses simply being expensive. But when you’ve invested hundreds or thousands of dollars in your wedding flowers, it can be very hard to stomach the thought of simply leaving them behind. The flowers are a living, beautiful testament to the months of planning you put into executing a theme for an unforgettable event. You can create a plan for your flowers when you’re checking other items off your wedding to-do list. Not every option is time- or labor-intensive. And happily, you’ll find peace of mind in getting the most value and pleasure out of your arrangements.

Planning Flowers for Your Wedding Party

We’re breaking a lot of wedding traditions these days. For instance, brides don’t all wear white anymore. There aren’t two little people on top of wedding cakes (OK, we haven’t been doing that for a long time!). And when was the last time you saw a groom pull off a garter and toss it to a throng of bachelors? (Good riddance to that one, honestly.) One tradition that’s stuck around for a really long time – centuries – is carrying flowers on the wedding day. Flowers can symbolize good fortune, fresh beginnings, and even fertility. What’s more, they add recognition to the members of your wedding party and extra romance to the spot where you exchange vows. 

The arrangements every wedding needs

Planning your wedding flowers? Here’s what you need to consider. How many flowers does it really take to create your vision for your wedding day? Where do they go? What kind of arrangements do you need? And how do you allocate your budget to decorate the ceremony and reception sites?

Why I Built Poppy

Yes, wedding flowers are expensive, and you’re right to ask why. And, yes, Poppy’s flowers are as gorgeous in person as they are in our photos. Like anything lovely that looks effortless, there’s a lot of work that has gone into making Poppy’s flowers available to you. I think you’ll be more confident trusting Poppy with your florals if you know the story behind why I started this company. For what it’s worth, my knowledge of the floral industry saved me nearly $18,000 on my own wedding flowers. And after that happened, I realized I could put that knowledge to work for other people planning their weddings.

We answer your top 5 questions about wedding flower costs

Shopping around for wedding flowers can be overwhelming. We want to make sure booking your wedding flowers and staying within budget is stress-free. Here are the top 5 questions we hear from couples when they are researching to book their wedding florist. We hope these answers help guide you through your wedding planning process.

Community building through flowers

Through our Poppy Workshops, we work with big teams, small organizations, and groups of friends to create virtual floral design classes. In Poppy workshops, one of our Poppy floral designers leads a team through an hour-long floral design workshop. Our workshops offer a calming mental health break and a restorative hour spent making something of beauty with one’s hands.


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