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Mother's Day at Poppy


When you think of Mother’s Day, chances are you might think of flowers. It’s a time-honored tradition to treat Mom to a beautiful bouquet of flowers... But what about the mothers behind the bouquets?

Empowering women is at the forefront of everything we do — from the women working at our farms to the women designing your wedding flowers. Approximately 85% of floral designers in the United States are women, and many of those women are also mothers.

In today’s world, as women exit the workforce in droves to care for their families, we want Poppy to be a place of opportunity. A place where creativity and design meet flexibility. Our Poppy network of floral designers includes women in all stages of life.

As Meghann Greineisen, the head of Poppy’s Design Network, explains, “We have a lot of designers that want to join our network because they want more flexibility with their schedules after having kids — either they were designers before with their own businesses but now want more part-time work, or they had a totally different career and wanted to shift into something else.”

Because weddings are typically on the weekends, our designers with school-aged children can balance the responsibilities of the school week with part-time work delivering and installing wedding flowers on Saturday or Sunday. Many other Poppy designers are empty nesters looking to turn a passion into a career after their kids have left home.

Poppy Designer Anna explains, “Having my son grow up around flowers has been so rewarding for both of us. My mother worked in a greenhouse when I was little, and to be able to share a similar experience with my son has been one of my greatest joys. Working at Poppy has been a dream come true! I am so thankful to do what I do, and share it all with my son. And in his words ‘He loves the whole thing’.”

Next time you need a present for your mom, consider a Poppy At Home kit so she can try her hand at floral arranging. Who knows? It might ignite a passion that turns into her next career move!

Interested in joining the Poppy Designer Network? Shoot us an email at or apply directly here.

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