Get back to the work you love.

Joining Poppy as an Independent Designer means you will get paid to do the parts of the job you love — actual floral design — and you can drop the parts of the job you’d rather not do, like social media, budgeting, and defending your pricing to clients over and over again. As a Poppy designer, jobs come to you.
We encourage you to click below to join our network and you can also follow us on Instagram at @poppydesigners.


Benefits for Poppy Designers

More Work

Get access to a steady stream of jobs, without the hassle of marketing and acquiring customers.

More Designing

We handle recipe writing, flower buying, customer communications, and invoicing. You play with flowers.

More Community

You’ll join a like-minded group of designers who support each other, grow together, and share expertise.

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How It Works

1. Submit Your Portfolio - We’ll ask you a few background questions and review examples of your previous work.
2. Show Us Your Skills- Complete a design demo at home with a Poppy floral kit.
3. Join the Network - Onboard to the designer portal and start booking jobs.
4. Get Paid - Enjoy streamlined payments through our portal for each Poppy job you complete.

Our most commonly asked questions

How do I join the Poppy Designer Network?

We’re thrilled you are interested in joining Poppy’s national network of incredible floral designers. Joining Poppy is the easiest way to access dozens of wedding floral design jobs in your area! Our process starts with your application.

  1. You apply. Please complete the Poppy Designer Network application.
  2. We review. We will review your application. We require all applicants have some experience in wedding floral design.
  3. We invite you to show us your work. Approved applicants will receive an email, “Your Next Steps,” inviting you to purchase and complete a Poppy Test Kit.You will order a Poppy Test Kit from our farm partner and create a video making a bouquet and boutonniere. The Poppy Kit is $55 and is the only fee we ask for during the application process. There is no membership fee for the network. Once you submit your Poppy Test Kit video, you will receive an email notifying you that your design is under review.
    Note: If you do not meet the requirements now, you will be part of our Poppy Community, so we can keep in touch to let you know of any education opportunities we may have soon. Please keep us updated as you get more experience and education in the floral industry, we encourage you to re-apply!
  4. You’re accepted. You’ve reached the final stage! All accepted applicants will receive an email inviting you to join the Poppy Designer Network. We will send your contract, so that we can onboard you!
  5. Join Poppy Designer Orientation! All accepted designers who have signed their contract will be invited to the Poppy Designer Portal and an orientation call.

Congratulations, you are now part of the Poppy Designer Network alongside hundreds of other floral designers!

How much does it cost to join the Designer Network?

We charge $55 to purchase your Poppy Test Kit. The Poppy Test Kit enables us to review your skills and ensures all Poppy designers are capable of designing for our couples. We do not have a membership fee for the Designer Network.

How much do Poppy Designers make?

Poppy assigns your hourly rate and the number of design labor hours we expect for each event. Our Poppy designer rate starts at $25 an hour. We assign your hourly rate when you submit Poppy Test Kit. Your hourly rate is based on your skills and experience.

The total number of design labor hours for each event includes floral processing, design, loading, and installation. Our in-house floral experts have a framework for assigning hours based on our evaluation of thousands of recipes across hundreds of events. We tend to budget more time than expected, so that you are compensated for your design work.

When you complete an event, you will submit an invoice through the Poppy Designer Portal. We pay designers within 3 to 5 days after the event, once the invoice is approved. You will learn more about this at your New Designer Orientation.

How do I start getting Poppy design jobs?

You will receive access to the Poppy Designer Portal, where you will be able to review the job listings in your area. You will also be notified via email and text message of jobs local to you.

You will need to claim these opportunities by clicking claim in the design guide for the event. This pairs you with that job and no other designer can then accept the event.

We want you to be able to evaluate each job easily. Each job in the Poppy Designer Portal includes a Poppy Design Guide. The Poppy Design Guide will show you the items, color palette, and style for the event along with the estimated hours and pay for the event. That way, you know what hours and pay are allocated for the event before you accept the job. We also pay hourly for travel to and from the events.

How does Poppy share information about the floral designs for each event?

We’re so glad you asked! Your Poppy Design Guide will tell you everything you need to know. When you accept a job through Poppy, you will receive a Poppy Design Guide. Our customers can make changes up to 60 days prior to their wedding. Your Design Guide will include any and all updates made by customers.

What am I responsible for when I design for Poppy weddings?

We built Poppy to be easy for designers! We’ve built a ton of technology that enables the Poppy team to efficiently handle sales, proposals, creating recipes, ordering flower and hard goods, and we organize shipments to your design location.

You will need to provide your skills, clippers, buckets with water, and a car for transportation. We send you all the flowers and hard goods you will need to design, down to tape for the bouquets.

What other opportunities come with being in the Designer Network?

Other perks of the Poppy Designer Network include

  • Poppy Designer meet-ups
  • Opportunities to teach virtual workshops
  • Access to fresh farm flowers
  • Opportunities to design for marketing events & photoshoots
  • Opportunities to travel to other markets to design
  • Poppy Designer Network Badge
  • Poppy Designer Page