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Poppy is the nation’s largest, fastest growing full-service wedding florist.

Our Story

The blooming journey of Poppy, the nation's premier wedding florist

July 2019

The seed was planted

Poppy’s humble beginnings with a simple landing page

February 2020

Blossoming online

Launch of our first full website & style quiz

June 2021

Our brand in full bloom

Unveiling the current Poppy brand identity

January 2022

Celebrating love

Poppy’s 1,000th wedding floral wonderland

May 2022

Doubling the joy

Creating floral magic for our 2,000th wedding

November 2022

A trio of triumphs

Marking our 3,000th wedding with floral elegance

December 2023

Our growing family

Welcoming the 700th designer into Poppy’s network


We make wedding flowers magical, accessible, and easy

OUR Values


Celebrate every stem

We recognize that our flowers are grown and cultivated by hands of those who are often overlooked. We are inclusive and fight for fairness.
We also strive to reduce our environmental footprint to ensure that Mother Earth can sustain her beautiful bounty.

Assume positive intent

We give others the benefit of the doubt and assume their actions and decisions are motivated by good intentions. We seek to find solutions to challenges as opposed to questioning other’s values or beliefs. We choose curiosity and empathy rather than suspicion or negativity.

Remember to love the journey

Couples place their trust in us while planning for a most intimate and important moment in life. We realize that each step of the planning process should be memorable for all the right reasons.

Exemplify leadership

Regardless of our job titles, authority, or roles, we are all empowered to lead with recommendations. We seek clarity of responsibilities. We share goals among our teams and support each other as accountability partners. We focus on results. We all act as owners.

Succeed differently

We are curious and inspired by hurdles as we see them as opportunities to innovate. We became stronger during a pandemic when many thought we would wilt. We strive to find new insights that our others have overlooked.

Poppy flowers CEO

I started Poppy because I love flowers.
Always have.

My path to Poppy actually started in the basement of The White House. I had a great job but was longing for more creativity in my life. I started volunteering in The White House Flower Shop, learning floral design from Chief Floral Designer, Laura Dowling.

Not long after I went all in. I left my job to join a major floral startup, and spent the next four years helping them scale to become one of the largest e-commerce floral gifting companies in the country.

During this time, I got engaged. As I dove head first into designing and planning the florals for my own wedding, I was taken aback by how outdated the supply chain was for wedding flowers. Getting wedding flowers was so much more expensive and so much more frustrating than it should be. Ordering was hard, information about what to expect was limited, minimums were high and everything was really expensive. I saved so much money ordering directly from farms and met so many talented independent floral designers in the process of bringing my vision to life. I started Poppy to bring the cost savings and flexibility of the way I did my wedding flowers to anyone planning a wedding. And so Poppy was born.

Cameron Hardesty

Cameron Hardesty

Founder and CEO

Our Commitment

At Poppy, we believe in making the beauty of wedding florals accessible to all, revolutionizing the industry with a focus on excellence and eco-conscious practices.

affordable custom wedding florist - about - cultivating blooms responsibly

Cultivating blooms responsibly

At Poppy, we are not just creating beautiful wedding florals; we are cultivating a more sustainable and eco-conscious approach to celebrating love. Join us in this journey towards responsible elegance, where every bloom tells a story of beauty, creativity, and environmental stewardship.

Accessibility and affordability

At the heart of Poppy's quality standard is the belief that stunning wedding florals should be accessible to all. We understand the challenges faced by couples in the traditional wedding flower market, and our mission is to eliminate obstacles. By providing a platform that offers not only exquisite designs but also affordability, we empower couples to bring their dream weddings to life without compromising on quality.

affordable custom wedding florist - about - accessibility and affordability
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