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The Ella Kit


Living in NYC, lifestyle blogger Ella Rose McFadin knows firsthand the importance of escaping the concrete jungle -- of disconnecting from your screen and reconnecting with nature.

As a part of our Poppy At Home collection, Ella designed your new favorite summer floral kit: The Ella Kit. Flowers are scientifically proven to boost your mood, and this exclusive collaboration is self-care at its finest.

"When I decided to collaborate on a Poppy At Home floral kit, I knew I wanted it to reflect self love and happiness, given these unimaginable times. My goal was to create an arrangement that gave people a therapeutic activity to do at home, one that would bring lasting joy to them in their space.”

We caught up with Ella to learn more about her inspiration for this kit, her love for floral design, and how she stays connected to her roots.

Tell us about The Ella Kit. What inspired it?

The Ella Kit was inspired by my personal aesthetic. I wanted light and summery colors that I usually gravitate to and boost my mood. The pop of yellow was important to me because it represents happiness in its truest form.

How would you describe The Ella Kit in just a few words? 

The Ella Kit is warm and fresh. Flowers have always been something I need in my space at all times. The Ella Kit reflects my style by playing on colors, like I do in my outfits, and includes unique flowers that you don’t find in a typical arrangement, like accessorizing if you will.

Whenever I am styling an outfit, I start with staple pieces -- like classic jeans and a top. Then I accessorize with interesting pieces, such as a printed shoulder bag, gold jewelry, or a fun scrunchie/headband. To really make the outfit pop, I finish by complementing it with a pair of exciting shoes, ones that pull it all together.

This is the same approach I took with The Ella kit. I knew the roses and solomio were my staple flowers - they create a beautiful base for the bouquet. Then, I accessorized with the ranunculus and anemones, interesting flowers to make the staple pieces a little more interesting. Lastly, I used the bright yellow craspedia (I love the fun shape of these flowers!) to finish off the look, just like I’d use a pair of shoes to really make my outfit pop.

Do you have a favorite flower in the kit?

Yes, the anemone. I love how the dark center makes the white petals pop. When the anemone blooms, it turns from a classic white into a soft blush color that’s unexpected and beautiful. And it goes so well with the other pinks in the arrangement.

Tell us about the collaboration process. How did you design your dream bouquet?

We started out by looking at an array of different flowers, creating virtual mood boards of potential bouquet recipes. After playing around with some ranunculus and roses, I knew that both needed to be in The Ella Kit. Cameron, the founder of Poppy, showed me some really fun tricks to make the roses look more full and open, and this really made the bouquet come alive.

I also knew I wanted fun colors in the arrangement. At first, I was thinking oranges and pinks (like the flowers in the pic below), but once I started playing around with the flowers, having a bunch of brightly colored flowers felt a bit overwhelming. I ultimately decided that I preferred lighter colors with a pop of color, which aligned more with my personal aesthetic. This created a special look that I hadn’t seen before, but really connected with.

These were the initial flowers we considered for The Ella Kit. I decided to go for a lighter aesthetic, but aren't they beautiful? 
What do you love about floral design, and how did you discover this?

At-home floral arranging became something I did a lot of while quarantined in California. I would start a time lapse on my phone and record the process, so I could go back to watch it later or share on my Instagram. Turning my mind off from the outside world and truly focusing on the process of floral design has become so therapeutic for me. It’s a really soothing activity. When I heard about Poppy, I knew this was the perfect opportunity for me to inspire others to try this creative outlet.

Has your relationship with floral design changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic?

I’ve definitely become more passionate and learned a lot more about floral design during these times. Before, florals were still a necessity, but I wasn’t always designing my own arrangements or really involved in the creative process. Since coronavirus started, I’ve taken the time to learn about many types of flowers, how to care for them, and the steps needed to create a beautiful and interesting arrangement.

One of the favorite things I’ve learned is how to reflex a rose. Cameron showed me this trick, and now I’m sharing it with you!

Living in NYC is very different from California and Colorado. How do you stay connected to your roots?

The transition was honestly easy for me. I can adapt to change pretty easily, as long as my space feels like my personal oasis, set up with things that remind me of nature. I found myself running around like crazy in NYC, which I loved, but coming home to a room of fresh linens, candles, and gorgeous florals was so important to me. It really helped me revive my senses, while bringing me back to calmness.

My 23rd Birthday Celebration
Discover more on Ella's YouTube Channel and Instagram, and be sure to check out The Ella Kit 🌸

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