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We answer your top 5 questions about wedding flower costs


Photo Credit: Carolina Palms Photography from a Poppy wedding in Charleston, South Carolina in August 2022

Shopping around for wedding flowers can be overwhelming. We want to make sure booking your wedding flowers and staying within budget is stress-free. Here are the top 5 questions we hear from couples when they are researching to book their wedding florist. We hope these answers help guide you through your wedding planning process.

1. Do florists increase the price of flowers for weddings? 

No. While it might seem like florists increase the price of flowers for weddings, it is far from the truth.   

All florists have a reason and process for pricing their products and services. Floral designers set prices so they can cover their costs. What costs do floral designers have?  They need to cover their marketing costs, their time to build proposals, their design labor to create , the cost of hiring freelancers for the wedding day, and purchasing flowers, typically from floral wholesalers.  

At Poppy, we’ve built a platform that helps streamline the process for our customers. We take a personal interest in your wedding flowers and dedicate a lot of time to ensure your vision comes to fruition. You start by taking our style quiz, which helps us customize your perfect proposal. We ensure every flower is high quality. Finally, we create, design, deliver, and install all of your flowers to make your big day effortless and joyful!  

We source the highest quality flowers from our farm partners. We get the best prices from our farm partners to bring that savings to our clients. Wedding flower prices have some sticker shock to many engaged couples. We see wedding flowers as an investment for your wedding day, and we do our best to communicate with complete transparency. We make sure nothing feels like a hidden fee and that you understand your entire investment in your wedding flowers.

2. Why are flowers so expensive?

There is an incredible amount of skill involved.

Before a flower ends up in a centerpiece, that flower has been through many different processes. First, floral designers create a floral “recipe”, much like a cooking recipe, for the arrangements and designs for a couple’s wedding. These recipes and designs are developed based on the couple’s vision. Flowers are ordered and selected either at a farm or wholesaler. Once the flowers are transported to the floral designer they process the flowers to remove thorns and leaves, and hydrate all flowers. Finally, floral designers arrange every design that was discussed with the couple and then depending on service set up those flowers the day of the wedding. 

Working with Poppy, your flowers start at the farm, which is powered by women and Rainforest Alliance certified. Our farm partners select high-quality flowers for your wedding. Flowers are shipped right away from our farm straight to our Poppy Designers who  process, and hydrate all flowers. The designers, who are artists with flowers as their medium, then design every arrangement with a skill that only a few have. We use the best designers because our clients' wedding days deserve the best floral arrangements on their wedding day. 

3. What does the average couple spend on wedding flowers?

The average couple spends about $2,300 on wedding florals, which is precisely what Poppy's average customer spends on wedding flowers with us. We believe high-quality, gorgeous wedding flowers should be attainable and stress-free for every couple.

4. Does Poppy have a minimum, and why?

Yes, we do.

While we wish we could take on every wedding with any budget, Poppy does have a minimum order value of $1,500. All Poppy weddings, regardless of size and budget, require time and access to our one-of-a-kind online interactive proposal platform. Each couple has a wedding sales expert who takes time to create proposals and update those proposals whenever needed.

Closer to the wedding date couples are introduced to their Design Specialist who orders hard goods, flowers, and keeps contact with your Poppy Designer, who then creates your wedding day florals. To cover these costs, we have to charge an amount to keep our little company going and growing strong! Please help us grow this female-founded business one wedding at a time!

5. How can you save on wedding flowers?

Know your priorities.

Our sales specialists are ready to help you figure out what is the best way to save on wedding flowers. Every client has different ideas and needs for their wedding. Our specialists are here to listen and give suggestions and alternatives to make your wedding dreams come true. For example, some couples' must-haves are for the ceremony decor, while others are more interested in their reception arrangements. Once you chat with our specialists, they will discuss cost-saving ideas that won't compromise your most desired design for your wedding day!

Poppy is a new way of booking wedding flowers. We are here to help make it so every couple can have gorgeous flowers on their wedding day that fits their budget. We ensure that our pricing is transparent and that our process of booking wedding flowers is stress-free. At Poppy, we build the wedding flowers of your dreams designed to your budget. Wedding flowers will help make all your wedding photos and videos breathtaking.  

These are some of the most important flowers you’ve bought in your life, we want to make that easy for you! Your journey begins with Poppy's Wedding Style Quiz

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