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Nicole Mehta


Meet Nicole Mehta, founder of lifestyle blog “The Perfect Ensemble”. She’s consistently our latest inspiration for all things fashion, travel, and wellness, while also keeping it real about the struggles of friendship, dating, and being true to yourself.

How did you get started as an influencer?

I had always been into photography and fashion so in college, on a random night, I decided to create a blog site and named it The Perfect Ensemble. At that time, it was very amateur and I wasn’t consistent with it as I was still in school and immediately started working after college. Fast forward several years later, I was encouraged by a friend to pick it back up but this time more on Instagram!

Who are your biggest style influences?

I am constantly learning from so many different influencers on the gram! There is so much style inspo out there! My current favorites -  I love following Alicia Roddy (LissyRoddy), Julie Sarinana (SincerelyJules), Danielle Bernstein (WeWoreWhat), Lydia Millen (LydiaMillen) and Emmanuelle Koffi (Emmanuellek_)

It’s so exciting to see more brands, especially those in beauty/fashion, be more inclusive. What more do you think can be done?

Me too!! It’s about time :) Representation is so important and representation across the board is even more important. I think for the longest time, I felt as though I never really saw someone who looked like me in the fashion space but I am seeing that more and more now. I just hope it is something that brands continue to practice with each and every campaign. Naturally overtime, it will become a standard. Especially stateside, with America being a mixing pot of races & cultures, there is so much talent out there that deserves to be brought to the spotlight.

With everything going on in the world, how do you prioritize your mental health?

For me, taking time to myself despite the chaos is a number one priority. Whether it’s taking an extra 30 mins to do a face mask or use a skin device while watching TV or stepping out for some fresh air with my dog. Any little amount of quality time daily makes a huge difference!

I’ve been trying to read more or take on an activity that I had been putting off before! Currently I am relearning/brushing up on my French :)

We loved seeing you arrange the Harvest Moon kit. You're a natural at flower design! Do you have any tips for beginners?

Ahhh I love the Poppy At Home kits! Could do them daily! I’ve done 2 floral arrangement classes in the past so I learned a few little tricks like finding your “center/statement” flower/florals and building out from there or just finding a balance between colors in your arrangement. There are so many different ways to arrange flowers, can’t really go wrong!

How are you planning to celebrate Diwali this year?

I will be at home with family this year and celebrating safely! For us, in the past, we usually went to Friends’ houses or had a fun movie night for a new Bollywood release! It’s still important to dress up and see to the traditions right at home :)

Nicole + the Harvest Moon kit

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