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Mackenzie and Jake's October 2021 Wedding


Mackenzie Miller and Jake Ryon have been busy making arrangements for their October wedding. 

White roses are a flower inspiration behind Mackenzie's bridal bouquet

Luckily, Mackenzie has not been too stressed about the wedding planning. She isn’t the type to mull over small details, as she knows exactly what she likes and doesn’t like--planning, therefore, hasn't been too difficult.

The only stressful part has been trying to work around the uncertainty of the pandemic. Much of the last couple of months were spent waiting on updates from vendors and venues as they decided how to adjust their Covid protocols as the country returned to a semi-normal state. Fortunately, wedding planning has finally started to pick back up again now that restrictions have been lifted.

Green and white flower clusters

The couple are excited to wed at District Winery, a waterfront venue in DC. Mackenzie’s vision for her flowers is minimalistic, with white flowers and lots of greenery.

Inspiration for Mackenzie's walk down the aisle

With the wedding just around the corner, the couple feels like it is finally happening.  Mackenzie and Jake are looking forward to being around friends and family on their special day, but in all honesty, Mackenzie  confessed that she is most excited to finally get to wear her wedding dress. She absolutely loves her dress, expressing to us that if you only get to wear a dress on one day for a few hours, you’d better be crazy about it. 

Right after the wedding, Mackenzie and Jake will take off for their honeymoon in Mexico.

Mackenzie, who is a teacher, shared that she is excited for a return to fully in-person school in the fall. She explained that hybrid learning was very difficult for both her and her students, so she is looking forward to finally getting everyone back in the classroom.

Greenery for bridesmaid's bouquets

When Mackenzie first spoke to us, she told us about her dream to have Dr. Anthony Fauci officiate their wedding. Unfortunately, Dr. Fauci is unable to attend, but the couple did receive a personal email from his office sending their apologies. Mackenzie still has hopes to one day spot him walking on the streets of DC.

Although Dr. Fauci can’t be there in person, there may or may not be a life-size cardboard cutout of him in attendance!

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