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A Restrained White + Green Palette in Baltimore, Maryland


Glory and Terrance exchanged vows on September 1, 2022, at one of Baltimore’s most unique event spaces. The Mt. Washington Mill Dye House was built as a mill in 1810, then converted into a production site for the Maryland Bolt and Nut Company. When those operations stopped in 1989, the space was reinvented as a special events venue. Desired by couples for its ample space (more than 5,000 square feet, including indoor rooms and an outdoor courtyard) and striking, minimalist aesthetic, the Dye House is instantly recognizable in photos with its wooden beams, exposed brick walls, and concrete floors. It is situated near a photo-perfect bridge with bare concrete that mimics the distressed appeal of the venue’s interior. Add a gleaming white wedding gown to this space, and it’s a stunning visual.

This is exactly what Glory achieved with her white and green wedding: elegance through minimalism. Her florals were restricted to a white and green palette. Set against gray concrete, muted red brick walls, and a dance floor crowded with guests in shades of white and ivory, it was modern romance at its finest. 

Dress by @houseofcb, hair by @goddessbeauti, makeup by @kristina.em

Weddings with Minimalist Tones Make a Big Impact 

Poppy has forecasted a big year ahead for couples embracing the extremes of maximalism and minimalism. We’re fans of both, especially when it’s executed this well. Glory had a clear vision for her wedding day – simple and clean, white and green. She wanted the romance of the wedding to radiate among all the guests, so she asked everyone attending to wear shades of white and ivory.

For her bridal bouquet, she was open to Poppy’s suggestions about the types of flowers but insistent on one thing. White, all white – and roses were OK, but they needed to be an elevated variety, not a standard rose.

Poppy knows how to make a white rose pop; Glory’s flowers accounted for some of the 17,000 plus white roses that Poppy used in weddings throughout 2022! The power of the monochromatic bouquet is in drawing eyes past the color and deep into the shapes, textures, and details. Glory requested a bouquet that was lush and loose. In addition to spray roses, the bouquet was built with ranunculus, larkspur, lisianthus; the greens grounding it included eucalyptus, ruscus and lepidium. 

Flowers and Greenery for the Wedding Cake

We’re all in for the simplicity of a white wedding cake dressed in fresh greens and white flowers. Glory’s cake looked strikingly white and modern against the rough-hewn wooden cutting block that she opted for over an opulent silver cake stand. It’s stem-plicity at its best – that’s Poppy’s term for describing weddings that celebrate single-color floral choices; sleek, no-fuss bridal gowns; and modernist venues whose features won’t compete for attention with the decor and the couple. 

In addition to the major florals (bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres) that couples shop for, many order a few extra flowers for the cake. Blooms that wind or cascade from top to bottom tier is one traditional look. However, we loved the challenge of living up to Glory’s minimalist expectations. Greenery on this cake is all about the power of textures, lines, and angles. The glossy green leaves on the side of the cake play off the single white bloom and sprig of greenery set opposite.

Venue is @mtwashingtonmilldyehouse

Italian Countryside in the City

Poppy has seen couples embracing the villa vibe and all it has to offer. It’s about exquisite outdoor light and views; banquet tables piled high with luscious fruits and platters for sharing; and a casual, unstructured pacing of the event.

Glory created a rustic Italian vibe in the heart of Baltimore by playing up her venue’s best Old World assets and calling on Poppy to bring the greenery. An intimate cohort of 50 guests started the evening in the stone courtyard. Natural wooden chairs flanked the aisle where a flower girl scattered white petals from Playa Blanca roses.

Inside, for dinner and dancing, smilax was tapestried on the exposed brick walls around the historic multipane window above the couple’s table. The centerpieces brought more green with their hebes, ruscus, and dramatic leather leaf ferns. White roses and ranunculus were accents to the greenery, turning on its head the notion that greenery should complement flowers. Building the countryside vibe indoors meant playing up the greenery and allowing the flowers to complement it.

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