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Latest Trends in Wedding Florals

We're excited to reveal the 5 biggest wedding flower trends of 2024.

Insights from our report

What Do Couples Want?

Early planning and budgeting

As love stories unfold in 2024, couples are embracing a forward-thinking approach with early planning and astute budgeting. Think picture-perfect floral arrangements and smart finances.

Spring and summer rush for wedding flowers!

Thinking of a spring or summer wedding in 2024? Book your dreamy blooms now. Vendors and venues are in high demand.

Classic colors win wedding florals

A stunning 25% of Poppy couples in 2023, chose the pure harmony of white, making it the reigning hue. Golden canyon, sunset hues and pinks were the close favorites.

Fall Weekends are the season of 'I do'

Couples tying the nuptials wait for the summer heat to cool off before saying ‘I do’. Nearly 54% of Poppy weddings are celebrated in October, September, and June.

Artful allocation for floral budgets

Diving into the four primary categories — ceremony, reception, cocktail, and personals – couples increase their initial budget as their wedding vision unfolds.

Let your love story blossom

Weave the Chapters of Your Love Story with the Allure of Enchanting Floral Trends

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