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Community building through flowers


Here at Poppy, we create custom floral experiences designed to your budget. 

Are you planning your wedding flowers? Our team has worked with over 1,300 couples across the U.S. over the past two years. You can check out past weddings in our portfolio. However, for those who are not planning a wedding and love flowers, we still have something for you!

Flowers build community at work

Have you ever thought about community building through flowers? We have! Through our virtual Poppy Workshops, we engage with big teams, small organizations, and groups of friends to create virtual floral design classes. 

In a workshop, one of our Poppy floral designers leads a team through an hour-long flower arranging experience. (You can read more about becoming a Poppy floral designer on our blog!) Poppy Workshops offer a calming mental health break and a restorative hour spent making something of beauty with one’s hands. The benefits derived from working with flowers on the individual level transcend to teams.

Unlock creativity on your team with floral design

Poppy Workshops help teams foster community, whether they are working in person or remote. We’ve seen it! Recently, a team distributed across four states started the workshop in a subdued mood. By the end, the leadership was wearing straw hats, and participants laughed together. 

Flowers bring out the best in us. They allow teams to connect on an individual level. In another quarterly company workshop, participants invited their mothers to join. Flowers unlock creativity, joy, and connection. 

Flowers provide a physical manifestation of feelings. Flowers help us communicate love, support, and friendship. A Poppy Workshop speaks to team members in a way that words, perks, and positive performance reviews cannot. Flowers say let’s connect more profoundly than on the Monday morning standup. 

In a world with remote, hybrid, and virtual work environments, employees benefit from hearing and seeing their leaders strive to stoke community. Flowers are a vehicle by which we can facilitate community without saying it. 

Ready to plan your Poppy Workshop?

Consider a Poppy Workshop this fall and winter to encourage the most out of your team members, relationships, and workplace. 

Austen, Poppy Senior Director of Business Development, will reach out to you to start planning your workshop.  In his role at ‍Poppy, Austen works with clients to design virtual flower workshops for company teams and private groups. He has had the pleasure to don his Poppy hat in operations, fulfillment, sales, HR, and accounting. 

Early in his career, he was a facilitator and coalition builder. As a group challenge counselor at a non-profit, he facilitated group activities designed to elicit dialogue and teamwork. In this work, Austen witnessed community engagement's impact on building connections and fostering personal resilience. Both are worthy pursuits that he is passionate about applying to Poppy’s workshop program.

In his role at Poppy, Austen often finds himself making his way back to community-building through Poppy Workshops. You can get started with community building on your team by reserving your Poppy Workshop here

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