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Micro-Wedding: Brittany + Shawn


Brittany + Shawn

With very little motivation to leave the house on a cold January evening in 2017, Brittany almost cancelled her plans to go out. In a “Sliding Doors” moment, she rallied and ended up spending the evening at Drafting Table, where she met her husband Shawn playing Connect Four. Brittany Floyd, Vice-President of Digital and Social Media at Social Driver, and Shawn Abdool, Managing Director for NASDAQ, dated for two years before getting engaged in December 2019.

As Brittany’s father passed away before he got to meet Shawn, the idea of a big wedding without him didn't feel right. They envisioned their wedding with only a small circle of family and friends, and 2020 made that circle a little tighter — just the bride and groom at their courthouse for their ceremony, followed by a Zoom reception in their apartment.  Recognizing how much Brittany missed her father during the planning process, Shawn surprised Brittany by getting her father’s initials embroidered in his cuff sleeves. He wanted her to know that Brittany’s father would part of their day and always be a part of their lives.

Brittany had met Cameron, the CEO and Founder of Poppy Flowers, at a floral industry event a few years earlier. Since then, she kept track of Poppy Flowers and contacted us when she was ready to plan her own intimate micro-wedding in Chicago this past August.  

Brittany envisioned soft white florals to strike a contrast with the layout of their modern apartment. Shawn often surprises Brittany with flowers and always picked an unusual offbeat flower to include in his arrangements. Drawing inspiration from Shawn’s thoughtful gestures, Brittany envisioned a structured yet striking bouquet with creamy white anemones, ranunculus and mondial roses.

For their reception, Brittany wanted flowers and greenery everywhere in their apartment. She chose a ruscus garland to decorate her fireplace and requested flowers everywhere else including her cake.  Poppy’s floral designer created and dropped off all their reception florals prior to their wedding day for the couple to decorate their apartment. Thank you, Brittany and Shawn, for choosing us. We are honored to be a part of your special day.

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