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Average Wedding Costs: Post-Pandemic and Beyond


One thing we’ve learned at Poppy in the craziness of the 2020 pandemic: Love always wins. People are still getting married, even though their wedding looks a little bit different and a lot more intimate than the ones before it, pre-pandemic. New types of ceremonies emerged, with many couples opting for micro-weddings of less than 50, “minimonies” of less than 10, or our personal favorite, a sequel wedding, which consists of an elopement with a later celebration because the only thing better than one party is two.

We’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and signs of wedding normalcy are just around the corner. In fact, The Knot is anticipating 2021 to be the “busiest year for weddings ever!” We can practically hear the sound of clinking champagne glasses now. It’s time to dust off your dancing shoes, practice your MOH toasts, and get ready to start celebrating love the way we have done for generations before!

With all of these changes, though, it might seem more difficult than ever to anticipate what you’ll be spending on your wedding. We can help!

Budgeting your wedding in 2021

A wedding’s price tag is largely determined by the guest count, so couples in 2020 saved on food and venue expenses by scaling back their events. But with the return to pre-pandemic life, the Knot recommends using 2019 state averages as a reference, which can vary significantly by location.

We get this question all the time: how much can I expect to spend on my wedding flowers? Our answer: it depends, but that’s what makes your custom wedding flowers possible, because we believe your wedding should be unique to you. Your flower budget will depend on: the size of your wedding, the types of flowers you want, whether you have a wedding party... all of these details determine how many flowers you need, which in turn impacts your budget. (Pro tip: if you want to ball out on a budget, try loose greenery. Loose greenery is a simple, elegant and beautiful way to accessorize your day!)

We wish we had one number to point to, that would make your life so much easier! This is what we can tell you: on average, people spend about 7% of their total wedding budget on flowers, or about $2,000. The price of your wedding flowers depends on what you want and how many flowers you want reflected in your day. The best way to find out what you can expect to pay for your custom flowers is by taking our style quiz, chatting with our Design Team, and getting a custom proposal that fits your exact needs. We’ll help you hone in from there to find the perfect flowers on your budget.

You can learn more about flowers, the journey they make to your designer, and the time it takes to make your custom wedding flowers come to life here. Hint: there are a lot of people (spanning multiple continents) and details that make your custom wedding flowers possible.

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