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South Asian Weddings


South Asian Weddings

By Shilpa Challa

In South Asian culture, weddings are often celebrated over the course several days with many ceremonies and rituals along the way. In many ways, it represents the union of not only the couple, but of their families and their cultures. Looking back and thinking more about my own wedding, I understand now why it lasted several days — it gave each of our families and friends a chance to truly get to know one another.

We were honored to work with several South Asian brides last summer as they planned their weddings through the pandemic. Paying homage to tradition, each couple brought their own aesthetic and style to their wedding.

Let’s talk flowers. Marigolds, jasmines, tuberoses, and chrysanthemums are central to every part of a South Asian wedding. Bright orange marigolds represent brightness and positive energy. Fragrant jasmines symbolize good luck, prosperity, and future success. The mandap, a 4-pillared canopy, is traditionally decorated with bright flowers and greenery, and it is where the bride and groom sit through the ceremony with the priest and their parents.  

For Poppy Couple Anuja + Rob, we used antique carnations, a flower traditionally used in Hindu ceremonies, to create wedding garlands they exchanged during their Jaimala. For the mandap, we draped long, beautiful marigold and bright pink carnation garlands around a birch canopy. In addition, Anuja’s path to the mandap was adorned with flower petals, and the ledge behind the canopy was lined with bud vases filled with bright marigolds, roses, and burgundy mums. Read more about their celebration here.  

Due to covid-19, Poppy Couple Amita + Nitin were married at home. They wanted to transform their New York City apartment into a lush garden for their wedding ceremony, so we designed a gorgeous floral wall for the backdrop of their Zoom. Although their decor was not traditional, flowers were very integral to their ceremony. In fact, everyone who joined virtually was sent a bouquet and boutonniere. They both honored their families by having each side attend the ceremony over zoom, and Amita chose her brother to officiate the wedding. Read more about their celebration here.  

Amita + Nitin with Poppy Designer, Quinn

Both couples honored traditions in their own ways, surrounded by family and so much love.

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