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Micro-Wedding: Kenzie + Jackson


Kenzie + Jackson

Kenzie Butera, launched her app, Maro, and got married on the same day. No big deal... just another day in the life of our busy entrepreneurial bride.

Kenzie and Jackson first met in December 2017 when they were both working at an accelerator program. They happened to be seated across each other, and they quickly became good friends. Over time, as they began to spend all of their time together, their friendship turned into something more.

In September 2019, Jackson surprised Kenzie with a trip to Aruba. He had plans to propose, but he decided to test the waters first to ensure she would say yes. To do so, he had the concierge refer to Kenzie as "Mrs. Davis", so he could gauge her reaction — which was positive. He later proposed on Flamingo Island.

The couple had originally planned a bigger wedding in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but with the pandemic, they decided to celebrate their nuptials with a few family members and close friends. They were married at Mission Chattanooga, followed by a small dinner reception at Alleia.

Kenzie envisioned fall-inspired, bohemian florals, along with bursts of burgundy and blush roses throughout the reception. Jackson’s family built a beautiful arch for their ceremony, and Kenzie chose clusters of roses and cascading greenery to highlight the hexagonal shape. The arch beautifully framed the ceremony.

Throughout the wedding planning process, Kenzie and her co-founder, Lily Mittenthal, had been in the midst of launching their app, Maro. Maro focuses on helping parents navigate conversations with children — from kindergarten to middle school — around mental health, empathy, diversity, and sex.

Kenzie and Lily worked feverishly to pass Apple's rigorous app review, failing 7 times before they finally got the news that the app had met all the requirements to launch — news they received on the morning of Kenzie's wedding. With Maro launched, there was only one more thing left to do on November 6, 2020... get married! Read more here.

Photographer & Videographer: Cinderella Wedding

Wedding Venue: Mission Chattanooga

Reception Venue: Alleia Restaurant

Hair & Makeup: Bobby Pinning Studio

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