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Watermelon Sugar Peonies


Meet Watermelon Sugar, an armful of sweet summery stunners. This luscious, eye-catching 30-stem kit is filled with 6 different varieties of peonies, only available once a year. Treat yourself to something sweet this summer before it’s too late (they’ll be gone in less than a month).

These premium flowers come to you from Holland, the international capital for the most rare, high-quality flowers in the world -- and the birthplace of the flower industry, when the first tulip bulb was transported from Turkey to Holland in the late 1500’s.  

The Dutch flower industry has come a long way since then and is the most technologically advanced in the world: one farm collective outside of The Hague uses geothermal energy to power their heating and cooling systems, and the Dutch flower auction uses computer vision technology to analyze millions of stems a day. 

As with all our farm partners, our founder has been working with our Dutch colleagues for years, has spent time in their facilities outside of Amsterdam and knows their team on a daily WhatsApp basis (sometimes they probably wish she didn’t.) 

Why does this matter? Well, the $1 peonies you pick up from Trader Joe’s have pretty much nothing in common with the peonies our Dutch partners have sourced for us. These peonies are normally reserved for luxury event floral work, which is why we’re really excited to bring them to your home.

This source = the industry’s top experts at finding the best flowers on earth. Their flowers have graced royal weddings, Dior runway shows, and, now, your living room. It’s a lot of extra work to get flowers directly from the source like this, but, to us, you’re worth it. 

We believe in transparency, so we want to give you full insight into what goes into bringing Watermelon Sugar to you. This is our most expensive product yet, and we debated even offering it because of the price tag. 

We decided it was worth a shot -- but only if we explained how we came to this decision. Here’s why this kit costs what it does, and why we think it’s worth it:

🌸 Shipping from our farm partners in Europe is included in this price, and depending on where in the U.S. these flowers ship, the cost of shipping alone is over $50 per box.

🌸 Quality. These Dutch-grown peonies are usually reserved for high-end luxury event work. With those events on pause, they became available to us. We promise, you’ve never seen peonies like this before.

🌸 50% less than standard retail. We believe in transparency. If we applied the standard retail mark-up of 4X to these stems, we’d be charging you $15/stem. Less shipping, our price per stem only represents only a 1.8X markup, which is what we need to stay in business.

🌸 Vase life. We’ve selected at least one variety that has lasted 10-14 days of our vase life testing. That’s two weeks of peonies! We’ll put it this way, if you could pay $18/day for pure happiness, would you?

We know this price point isn’t for everyone. It definitely qualifies as a treat yourself moment. But, if you think about all the money you’ve saved during is probably the time to indulge. You can shop Watermelon Sugar here.

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