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Before Covid hit, Poppy was solely focused on wedding, event and corporate florals. One of our offerings I was most proud of was giving our couples the option to have their wedding flowers donated to nursing homes and DC women’s shelter, N Street Village.

To do this, we partnered with Kaifa Anderson-Hall, founder of the non-profit Plants and Blooms ReImagined, based in our hometown of Washington, D.C.

Kaifa is a sort of floral healer. With event blooms that would otherwise be thrown away, she re-purposes them into new arrangements and delivers them to local senior care facilities and teaches a monthly “Flower Power Hour” to the women of N Street Village -- which I’ve had the privilege of joining a couple times, thanks to their dynamo, flower-loving Senior Events Manager, Mackenzie Delmotte.  

Because event flowers get handled so much during the course of their life cycle, we can’t re-sell those flowers due to quality concerns. And, especially knowing the care, time and resources that go into cultivating flowers, I can’t stand throwing them away. In fact, I spent the Sunday after my own wedding in Austin, Texas, delivering centerpieces from my reception to a local center for teens in recovery from substance use disorders. There’s truly nothing better than surprising people with a floral arrangement -- it’s one of those luxuries that makes its recipient feel special, and seen, and worthy.  

When I met Kaifa, I was so relieved to find a partner who had been reducing floral waste for years, and could work with us to reduce floral waste from our events.

Justin T. Gellerson for The New York Times

However, the interruption in weddings and events has left Kaifa without the primary source of the flowers she depends on for her donations and programs. In celebration of Mother’s Day, we were fortunate to get to donate flowers to her and it made my weekend to see how many arrangements she made and delivered from those stems, making Mother's Day special for some of our most vulnerable seniors.

It made me think — how can we keep this going? 

So, today we’re thrilled to announce that for every Poppy At Home kit you purchase, we will be donating fresh flowers to Plants and Blooms ReImagined, so they can further their mission of ensuring beauty, joy, inspiration and the healing power of nature’s gifts of plants and cut-flowers should be experiences shared by all.

Justin T. Gellerson for The New York Times

We’re excited to deepen our partnership with Plants and Blooms ReImagined, and can’t wait to see the joy Kaifa delivers with flowers that you, our customers, make possible.

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