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Orange, VA

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Affordable Wedding Flowers in

Orange, VA

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Getting Married in

Orange, VA

From colors to attire, the seasonal weather for your location will have a huge impact on your wedding planning.
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wedding flower arrangements

wedding flower arrangements

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Orange, VA

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Orange, VA

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Flowers from Poppy start at $1,500. Design your proposal to get started.
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"I could not have dreamt up better florals than what Poppy Flowers created for my wedding day!! The team was incredibly flexible and helpful. Our flowers were probably the most complimented aspect of our decor! Highly recommend."

This is a great example of a more saturated take on pastels, which includes touches of deeper pink roses to play against the softer tones. The A-frame non-traditionally styled arch makes the palette feel really fun and laid back. Note how this couple picked pampas grass for their bridesmaid bouquets, which feels so playful and funky.

Gwendolyn + Stephen
May 14, 2022

"Using Poppy Flowers was a seamless experience. As a bride planning my own wedding I was able to easily place my order and then I was in good hands the whole way through. The florist and designer were efficient and completely understood our vision. I would definitely recommend Poppy as a florist to any bride!"

Ivy + Dan
October 8, 2022

"Poppy knocked my wedding flowers out of the park."

Rose loved the idea of infusing her micro wedding with organic wild flowers. Her bouquet was filled to the brim with locally grown dahlias and accented with coral ranunculus, garden roses, and cascading greenery to evoke feelings of an English garden.

Rose + Dave
September 1, 2021
Shopping online for wedding flowers is a new experience, but we’ve made it simple, affordable, and stress free.

Here’s how Poppy works:
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Check your date and start exploring floral options.
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Reserve your date with a small deposit.
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(Virtually) meet your Poppy Design Team and collaborate on your vision.
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A local Poppy florist creates your custom designs and installs everything on your big day!
wedding flower arrangements
wedding flower arrangementsflowers arrangementswedding flower arrangements
wedding flower arrangements

Get started today to see what Poppy can do for you.

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Poppy's Picks: 10 Dreamy Wedding Flower Settings for Couples

Flowers set the tone, be it the ceremony's altar, a reception lounge, or a beach venue. Explore the 10 most gorgeous flower settings for weddings.

Poppy Floral Designer Series: Meet Jane

Jane knows good design. She trained her eye through her first career as a graphic designer. That career would eventually set her on a path toward floral design. She’s sometimes in disbelief that the path led here – and that she gets to do something so special with a product that’s so beautiful for occasions that are so meaningful. In short, she calls it an honor to do this work for her clients.

Poppy Floral Designer Series: Meet Hanna

Hanna didn’t set out to create a side hustle with floral design. It happened pretty organically. She started an Instagram account in 2020 to showcase her designs, then she started taking orders. Then, one-off arrangements for special occasions became larger orders for parties, baby showers, and, eventually, even weddings. Hanna had to admit it: she really had something going.

Poppy Floral Designer Series: Meet Marian

Marian is a retired special education and English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher. She spent the first 20 years of her career in special education, then pivoted to working with international students for 15 years. She wasn’t new to floral design when she started, but she didn’t call herself an expert. Marian has now serviced more than 50 Poppy weddings and she has quickly become one of the market’s most experienced freelance designers. Poppy has been an on-ramp for Marian into a new hobby and job, and we are so lucky to have her!

International Women’s Day 2023

At Poppy, we believe that your wedding day should be unforgettable, and that's why we're dedicated to providing you with the most beautiful and meaningful floral arrangements. But we also know that it's important to our customers that the products they choose come from ethical sources and support causes that matter.

Inspiration Pics vs. Real Flowers

The natural first step in planning your wedding flowers is looking at inspiration pics. You might scroll Instagram and bookmark images you love, or create a Pinterest board to collect your favorites. You’re looking at colors, styles, stems, shapes and vibes that speak to you. You’re a diligent couple that’s done the homework; you’re prepared with pics and links to show your wedding specialist during your consultation. So, you’re crestfallen when you learn that the floral designer won’t be able to create the bouquet of your dreams. It turns out the gorgeous, rusty-pink rose you’ve been saving over and over in photos is…fake?

Upcycling your wedding flowers

When you review your wedding budget, you’ll make peace with some expenses simply being expensive. But when you’ve invested hundreds or thousands of dollars in your wedding flowers, it can be very hard to stomach the thought of simply leaving them behind. The flowers are a living, beautiful testament to the months of planning you put into executing a theme for an unforgettable event. You can create a plan for your flowers when you’re checking other items off your wedding to-do list. Not every option is time- or labor-intensive. And happily, you’ll find peace of mind in getting the most value and pleasure out of your arrangements.

Vocational Training for…Floral Design?

Let’s start looking at floral design for what it is: expert work that requires dedication and a clear path. In our latest blog, Poppy CEO, Cameron walks us through different pathways a florist can take to get into the business, and how Poppy is the first company to create clear paths into the industry. Helping creatives find job opportunities isn’t just about empowering them to do what they love. It’s also part of Poppy’s business model.

Planning Flowers for Your Wedding Party

We’re breaking a lot of wedding traditions these days. For instance, brides don’t all wear white anymore. There aren’t two little people on top of wedding cakes (OK, we haven’t been doing that for a long time!). And when was the last time you saw a groom pull off a garter and toss it to a throng of bachelors? (Good riddance to that one, honestly.) One tradition that’s stuck around for a really long time – centuries – is carrying flowers on the wedding day. Flowers can symbolize good fortune, fresh beginnings, and even fertility. What’s more, they add recognition to the members of your wedding party and extra romance to the spot where you exchange vows. 

The arrangements every wedding needs

Planning your wedding flowers? Here’s what you need to consider. How many flowers does it really take to create your vision for your wedding day? Where do they go? What kind of arrangements do you need? And how do you allocate your budget to decorate the ceremony and reception sites?