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Poppy At Home: Through the Eyes of the Intern

May 1, 2020
Poppy At Home: Through the Eyes of the Intern

On what felt like day 192 of the COVID-19 “Safer at Home” order, I had run through all the typical activities to keep myself entertained. I had binge watched multiple shows on Netflix, attempted to do a yoga video, and tried out a few new recipes (yes… even making bread). I desperately needed something to bring some beauty and joy into my life, and the Poppy At Home flower kit seemed like the perfect solution.

I’m a huge fan of pink, so while all four options were beautiful, I was immediately drawn to the “My Girl” kit. The ordering process was quick and easy, and less than a week later, my flowers had arrived from a farm in Quito, Ecuador.

When I opened the box, I discovered the flowers were organized and labeled into individual bundles. A written set of instructions explained the process step-by-step, including an entertaining description of how my arrangement would be like the Royal family, with each type of flower having its own special role to play in the bouquet.

The first steps were straight-forward - I stripped the leaves off the stems, cut them to the ideal length, and organized them on my table. I didn’t have any flower food, so I filled a vase with some water and a teaspoon of simple sugar (a Poppy certified trick!).

Following along with the video tutorial, I started to arrange my bouquet, building a lattice-style base using the filler flowers. Cameron, the founder of Poppy, explained that this would make for a solid foundation, and as I introduced more stems to my vase, I could definitely feel the base becoming more and more secure.

I then placed the primary flowers, and then the secondary, in a wave formation around my vase - some high and some low - until my bouquet looked bountiful. To finish up, I popped in the “wild card” flowers to add a little extra spice to my arrangement, and I used the leftover stems to make a second mini bouquet.

My bouquet may not have looked as perfectly arranged as the one on the Poppy website, but it was my own fun creation. I took tons of photos of my beautiful bouquet and shared them with my friends and family, bragging about my newly acquired “floral design skills”. For the past few days, the stems have only continued to blossom into even more colorful flowers, and I am receiving the daily dose of beauty and joy I definitely needed during this uncertain time.

Written By: Hannah Kleban, the Poppy intern (who has zero floral design experience!)

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