FAQ for Florists

How does Poppy work for a floral designer?

As a Poppy Independent Designer, you are responsible for receiving flowers, processing flowers, designing them according to Poppy’s standards, and delivering them and installing them at the client’s venue the day of the wedding or event. You can work from your home or studio, as long as it is climate controlled according to our standards, and you should have a valid drivers license and access to a minivan, van, SUV or station wagon. 

How much will I make on each job?

Poppy Independent Designers earn between $25 - $40 per hour, depending on experience and complexity of the designs requested. On average, our designers earn about $500 per job. 

How do I get paid?

We assign a time allotment to each design based on internal testing, and can give you an estimate of the job value before it begins. We will pay you via PayPal within one week after you’ve delivered and installed the order.

Poppy sounds awesome! How do I sign up?

Click here to get your application started! 

What if I don’t have a portfolio?

If you don’t have a portfolio or prior experience, but you want to get involved, then we invite you to apply to become a Poppy freelance designer.

What does Poppy handle, and what am I responsible for?

Poppy will provide you with the correct amount and type of flowers to fulfill the order, the product list, recipes by product, and an operational plan for the week of the event to ensure logistics run smoothly. 

You are responsible for receiving, processing, quality controlling, designing and delivering the flowers to the venue. You will serve as the primary point of contact for the coordinator, planner or bride the week of the event to coordinate delivery and installation. 

Where do I work from? 

As an Independent Designer, you will work from your home or studio. Many of our designers work from their home studio in the basement, or from their kitchen.