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Design like a pro

Flowers make people happy. They are an immune booster for the soul. Take this time for yourself to get creative, disconnect from the world and make something beautiful with your hands.

Bring the joy of flowers into your home and learn how to create a picture perfect arrangement with our founder who learned floral design in The White House flower shop.

Stem Care

Step 1: Unpack your flowers

Unpack your flowers right away. Invite them in for a glass of water.
Let them stretch those legs and get comfortable. They're here to stay.

Step 2: A little trim

Cut half an inch off your stems (at an angle), and remove all foliage
that falls below the waterline. You don’t want to drink dirty water,
and your flowers don’t either.

Step 3: Hydrate your flowers

Fill a vase with cool water + flower food (a teaspoon of sugar works too!).
Make sure to let your flowers take their time hydrating. After 2 to 3
hours, they should be feelin’ fresh and fabulous!

Step 4: You're ready to design!

Time to flex those creative muscles. Let's see whatcha got! Post your
designs on Instagram with #poppyinthewild. We want to see
your work!

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